Judge Denies Foxy Brown's Release Request

A New York judge has denied Foxy Brown’s request to be released from jail early so she can travel to California to repair an electronic ear implant.

Brown, born Inga Marchand, is serving a one-year prison sentence on Rikers Island for repeatedly violating the terms of her 2004 probation.

On January 17, Brown’s attorney Laura Dilimetin asked acting state Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson to amend the rapper’s sentence, so she could visit Los Angeles’ House Clinic tomorrow (January 30), where she received her initial treatment for her hearing loss.

On Thursday (January 24), State Supreme Court Judge Melissa Jackson ruled against the Brown’s petition.

Prosecutors argued that the 29-year-old rapper can receive the treatment that she needs in New York and labeled the request a "desperate and frivolous petition."

In a four-page letter to Judge Jackson, Brown claimed that she was terrified in prison because she cannot hear properly.

"I am terrified of not hearing a fire alarm go off, or being locked in a cell, and someone not being kind enough to let me out, since not everyone understands the severity of my condition," wrote Marchand.