Judge Denies Suge Knight's Request To Go To His Mom's Funeral

Bad news for the imprisoned Death Row Records Co-Founder

(AllHipHop News) Marion "Suge" Knight will have to mourn the passing of his mother in solitary confinement.

That's because a judge shot down Suge's request to leave jail, in order to attend his mom's funeral.

Suge's mom Maxine Chatman was 77 when she died on Sunday.

Members of his family had hoped to secure Suge's release for one day, but the request has been denied.

So Suge with languish behind bars until at least this fall, when he goes on trial for murder.

Suge Knight is accused of running his Ford F-150 pick-up over two men during a fight in a Los Angeles parking lot in January, 2015.

The former Death Row Records CEO is accused of killing Terry Carter, 55, who died from his injuries.

Suge has pleaded not guilty, arguing that he acted in self-defense.

The murder trial was initially set for January, but two former members of Knight's defense team were indicted after they were accused of bribing witnesses.

Suge's murder trial is slated to begin in September.

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Karma is kicking this nigga in the nuts...repeatedly


When you come from nothing, then get everything, then lose it all. Wow