Judge Keeps Ar-Ab Locked Up For Drug Dealing

The Philly rhymester will not be seeing the light of day anytime soon.

(AllHipHop News) More bad news is coming out of Philadelphia regarding Ar-Ab.

The veteran Philly rapper was denied bail this week and will remain locked up on a slew of drug-dealing charges.

Earlier this month, U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain announced Ar-Ab and eight other men affiliated with his OBH crew had been indicted for distributing large quantities of drugs in North Philadelphia, including cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, and heroin.

The men are accused of renting luxury apartments in other people's names, to store their drugs and money, in an attempt to disguise their drug dealing activity.

According to the DEA, each man in the case is facing significant prison time for their role in the operation.