Judge Lifts C-Murder's House Arrest

C-Murder has been

released from home confinement after being accused of violating the conditions

of his house arrest numerous times.Judge

Martha Sassone of the 24th Judicial District Court denied a request on Thursday

(July 13) to jail the embattled rapper after prosecutors and witnesses alleged

that C-Murder (born Corey Miller) was frequently out of range of his home detention

monitoring system.According

to the New Orleans Times Picuyane, Sassone said she was confident that

Miller had not violated the conditions of house arrest.The

judge's decision allows Miller to travel between the Jefferson and Orleans parishes.While

Miller will no longer be confined to home-monitoring, his release will still be

closely supervised. According to court records, the rapper must be home between

the hours of 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., and visitors to his residence have been restricted.

He is also banned from drinking and going to bars.Miller

had been incarcerated since 2002 after being convicted of second-degree murder

in the shooting death of 16-year-old Steven Thomas.Thomas

was shot in the chest after an argument inside of the now defunct Platinum Club

in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, in January 2002. The rapper was convicted in September

2003 and sentenced to a mandatory life sentence.He

appealed the case in 2004, after discovering prosecutors had expunged the criminal

records of some of their witnesses and withheld evidence from Miller's defense


2004, the original trial judge, Judge Martha Sassone ordered a new trial for Miller

in light of the new evidence. In March 2005, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal struck

down Sassone's ruling and upheld Miller's second-degree murder conviction.Miller

appealed the ruling in February, and on March 10 the Louisiana Supreme Court overturned

Miller's murder conviction and ordered a new trial.It

is now up to prosecutors to decide if they want to take Miller to trial again.