Judge Refuses To Lower Philly Rapper's Bail

John "Tommy Hill" Wilson of Philadelphia rap group RAM Squad was dealt a set back when a judge refused to lower his bail.Municipal Court Judge Frank T. Brady agreed with prosecutors that Wilson was too much of a flight risk.Wilson was arrested on cocaine charges on December 23, after a ten month investigation.Wilson allegedly sold undercover officers $10,000 worth of the drug on several occasions.Authorities also claim Wilson was a major supplier to the Richard Allen housing projects and other places in the city of Philadelphia.Prosecutors produced documents alleging that Wilson had at least six aliases and ten prior addresses.The rapper had sought to have his bail lowered from $145,000 to $50,000.Wilson would be required to post 10 percent of the bail amount and whoever posted it would have to provide information proving the money was earned legitimately.Wilson faces up to ten years in state prison.