Judge Rules Cops Had No Reason To Stop Young Thug When He Was Busted With Drugs

The Atlanta trapper just landed a big victory in court.

(AllHipHop News) A judge in Georgia has ruled that three cops violated Young Thug's constitutional rights, handing the rap star a big victory in his drug case.

Thug was arrested in pulled over in September of 2017 for having illegally tinted windows.

The cops searched the car and found meth, marijuana, and hydrocodone. A grand jury hit Thugger with possession charges as well as the more serious count of possession of multiple drugs with the intent to distribute.

According to The Blast, a judge sided with Young Thug's argument that the stop was illegal and violated his Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

The judge had issues with the way the police officers initiated the stop, ruling there was no proof Thug's vehicle had violated the law.

“The prosecution failed to present credible evidence that this vehicle was violating the law when it was stopped by law enforcement,” the judge ruled. "Thus, all evidence that flowed directly and indirectly from this illegal stop and seizure must be suppressed, including, but not limited to, all statements, firearms and supposed drugs.”

The ruling is a very big victory for Young Thug, who may still have to face a trial, although the prosecution's case will be severely hampered.

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