Judge Tosses Bulk Of Family Lawsuit Against Eminem

A judge has thrown

out most of a lawsuit filed against Eminem by relatives who claimed the rapper

backed out of a deal to move them into a new home and pay them so he could be

closer to family members.

Jack and Betti Schmitt filed the lawsuit in Macomb County Court

in August of 2005, claiming that in 2001, the superstar rapper asked them to

sell their Missouri home because the rapper wanted to be closer to family members.

The Schmitts’ lawsuit claims that Eminem offered to purchase

a $350,000 house with $25,000 worth of furniture included.

Eminem also allegedly offered to pay the Schmitts $100,000 a

year for five years.

The couple claim they moved into a house in Eminem’s name

in 2003 and stated they made over $50,000 worth of improvements to the house.

They filed the lawsuit when the rapper refused to put the title

to the home in their name. According to the Schmitts, they also received an

eviction notice.

The Schmitts further claim that Eminem only paid $165,000 of

the $500,000 between 2002-2005.

Judge Mary A. Chrzanowski ruled that Em’s relatives could

amend their lawsuit in the next 14 days to reinstate their claims.

She also ordered the superstar rapper to give a deposition in

the case within the next 45 days.

The lawsuit was

originally filed in August of 2005, just as Eminem canceled the European leg

of the "Anger Management 3" tour due to exhaustion and an alleged

addiction to sleeping pills.