Judge Tosses Contraband Indictement Against C-Murder

The Louisiana Supreme

Court tossed out an indictment against Corey "C-Murder" Miller that

accused him of smuggling contraband into the Jefferson Parish jail, after being

accused of having a cellphone while incarcerated.

The court ruled

a provision in the state constitution unconstitutional. The provision gave local

officials the ability to determine what items are considered contraband.

Miller was charged

under the provision with states contraband inside the jail includes but not

limited to drugs, money, stolen property, liquor and guns.

The court ruled

what is contraband should be left to local legislators and not law enforcement.

Miller was accused

of bribing guards to smuggle the phone in and using it to intimidate witnesses.

He is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole, after being convicted

of second degree murder on September 30.

A close associate

of Miller's family said the conviction would be appealed, alleging that a juror

had been bribed to obtain the conviction against Miller.