Juelz Santana Announces Hotline, New Album, New Studio

Juelz Santana has

set up a hotline to announce the release of his new album, What The Game’s

Been Missing, which he recorded in his newly built recording studio.

The announcement lays to rest rampant rumors that the Dipset

member, still signed to Jay-Z’s Def Jam, would be caught in a growing

feud between Dipset’s Cam’ron, Jim Jones and Def Jam President,

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

Fans can call 1.888.DIPSET7, which features Juelz delivering

a message to fans about his album release date, which according to a press release

is November 22.

The album is the follow up to his debut, From Me to You

and features the single “The Whistle Song” and “Mic Check,”

which the rapper recorded in his own recently constructed recording studio.

"When you have your own place to make music, it becomes

that much more of a priority," Juelz said. "When you can dictate everything

about your project that way, you start to really feel the music, feel every

beat, every line. It becomes a part of you in a way that just doesn't happen

when you're on someone else's dime and someone else's schedule."

Juelz explained that he built the studio and started directing

his own videos out of a need to control his career.

"On my first album, I feel like I let a lot of things just

go. This time around though, I felt like it was all on me," Juelz continued.

"That's why I built my own studio. That's why I directed my own video.

They always say, you wait your whole life to make that first album and pour

your whole life into it. But I feel like this one, man, this is my baby."

What The Game’s

Been Missing hits stores on Diplomats/Def Jam on November 22.