Juelz Santana Asks Judge To Let Him Go To Rolling Loud Festival After Gun Arrest

AllHipHop Staff

Juelz wants a judge to give him permission to perform in Miami later this month.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Juelz Santana is petitioning a New Jersey court to allow him to travel and earn a living as a rap star.

Lawyers for Juelz sent a letter to the judge overseeing his criminal case.

Juelz was locked up for almost a month, after TSA screeners allegedly caught him with a gun, marijuana and illegal prescription drugs at Newark Airport on March 9.

The rapper then allegedly bolted from the airport in a cab, leaving behind his baggage and his identification.

He eventually negotiated a surrender to authorities and was finally released on Friday (April 6), thanks to a $500,000 bond secured by his mother’s house.

A judge has placed some heavy restrictions on the Dipset rapper, effectively banning him from traveling anywhere.

As it stands now, Juelz, born LaRon James, must wear an ankle monitor and is also under 24-hour house arrest.

The Dipset rappers lawyers stated that being on the road is crucial to Juelz' livelihood, so he can take care of his wife Kimbella and their children.

Juelz is hoping the court will allow him to attend the Rolling Loud Festival later this month

"It is crucial that he be able to work until this matter is resolved," his lawyer said.

Juelz has a tough road ahead of him, especially since he could be considered a flight risk for staying on the lam for a week when he was wanted by authorities last month.

And just last week, Juelz was officially indicted by a grand jury for unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

If he is convicted, Juelz faces a decade in prison.