Juelz Santana In-Store Causes Chaos In Brooklyn

Juelz Santana experienced

teen-idol-like occurance on Tuesday (Nov. 29) at Brooklyn, New York's Kings Plaza.

Santana was scheduled for an in-store CD signing at Sam Goody

in the Mall. People present witnessed a crowd so massive authorities feared

the glass of the store would shatter, as others lined the balcony of the mall

hoping to get a glimpse of the rapper.

"I actually had to come in through the roof," Juelz

Santana told AllHipHop.com of the mayhem his appearance created. "I think

really that people just really underestimated what I'm doing."

Early reports suggested that the signing was shut down by New

York SWAT Team police due to potential gang violence. Refuting the notion, Santana

explained the crowd had grown colossal and excited, because of his appearance,

forcing him to leave the building.

"It was so much love in the building, but the crowd was

agitated because they had to wait for me to arrive and then it was so packed

that people couldn't even see me," Santana explained. "Because there

were so many people that were trying to get into the store and wasn't trying

to leave, they actually brought in the SWAT team. It was crazy because I had

to leave after being there for like fifteen minutes."

Santana's in-store appearance was to support his recently released

album, What The Game's Been Missing, on Diplomat Records/Def Jam.

The rapper, who recently shot a second video for "Oh Yes,"

is enjoying success from the single "There It Go! (The Whistle Song),"

which is currently #19 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart.

Santana said he would reschedule the appearance to appease fans

those fans that missed his first appearance.

"You have

to keep it moving," Santana said. "I am just going to keep pushing

out projects and working, because that's all I know how to do."