Juelz Santana Is "Home" After Jail Over Gun Charge, Cam'ron Says


Cam'ron reveals his Dipset buddy is back home for now...

(AllHipHop News) These days, "fake news" is all the rage, but Cam'ron seems to have delivered some official reporting.

Juelz Santana, the youngest member of Dipset, is a free man for the time being. "Fuck they talking bout!!!! @thejuelzsantana home!!!!!," Cam'ron stated with apparent jubilation.


Juelz was locked up for a month after authorities allegedly caught him with a gun at Newark Airport on March 9. The rapper then ran from the airport and reportedly departed in a cab before he could be caught.

Juelz, real LaRon James, was released into the custody of his mother and a $500,000 bond was secured by his mother’s home. Judge Michael A. Hammer also ordered the rapper to wear an ankle monitor. He will be under 24-hour lockdown, according to northjersey.com.

Reports say that Juelz has not formally been released, but clearly it is a matter of time.

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Lol nigga won't ce home for long UNLESS he goes the T.I. route