Juelz Santana Opening HipHopSodaShop On 125th Street

Juelz Santana has

become a financial partner in a new HipHopSodaShop opening on 125th Street in

Santana's hometown of Harlem, New York.

The rapper is co-owner

of the new franchise, which is licensed by parent company H3Enterprises Inc.

(HTRE), a publicly traded company.

"We're gonna

rip 125th up," Juelz said in a press release. "It's great to be able

to enjoy all this in my own backyard with my own people. I've hung out with

my boy 'A Butta' here since we were little punks and now we're gonna get a chance

to actually work together for the good of our own hood."

HTRE was founded

by Brian Peters, who was worked with various artists, including Outkast, Nas,

Snoop Dogg and others.

"Juelz is

a true Harlem treasure and we hope to utilize all of his talents to the full

benefit of our shareholders and our communities," said Peters, president

and founder of HTRE.

In November of

2005, HTRE announced it was leasing a large space less than a block from the

legendary Apollo Theater. Other locations are expected to open in Times Square

in Manhattan and Las Vegas' famous "Strip."

"We're building

a real home for the Hip Hop generation complete with all the things we love

to do," Juelz continued. "But it's really about creating educational

opportunity and good jobs and that's where Team H3 will prove to be unbeatable."

Last month, HTRE

announced a joint venture with Lou Pearlman, who has worked with some of the

most successful artists in the music business, including Justin Timberlake,

N Sync, The Backstreet Boys and others.

HTRE and Pearlman

will jointly develop HipHopSodaShops throughout Orlando and Tampa, Florida.

Pearlman invested an undisclosed amount into the venture and will bring his

entertainment, media, contacts and experience to the company.

"The man [Pearlman]

has proven over and over again that he has his hands firmly on the pulse of

the entertainment industry and always stays ahead of the curve," Peters

said. "We are truly honored that he has chosen to become an integral part

of our Company's ongoing development."