Juice WRLD Sues Prospective Landlord Over $50K Deposit

The 20-year-old is aiming to get his money back.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Juice WRLD may only be 20 years old, but he knows what he wants. In this case, he’s taking his request to the court.

The “Lucid Dreams” rapper has officially filed a lawsuit against a potential homeowner who has yet to return his $50K deposit.

The Blast reports Juice WRLD was looking into renting a home in Tarzana but the residence had to have amenities fitting for a rap star.

The lawsuit reads it was made apparent that the home would be occupied by musicians, thus needing to “conform to certain specifications and dimensions.”

Juice WRLD said he was "assured that the space, layout, and capacity of the House was fit for the particular purpose" that he needed it for.

He then agreed to pay $160K in advance to hold the crib. Both parties continued to work together on the lease agreement, with Juice WRLD then flying to Los Angeles to inspect the house.

In the end, he didn’t end up leasing the home.

The rapper said he felt the house was “misrepresented,” deciding he had no intention of moving forward with the lease. Juice WRLD claimed the potential landlord understood where he was coming from and the full amount of the deposit would be returned.

Turns out, they decided to hold on to $52,000 of Juice WRLD's money, and he isn’t having it.

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let a nxgga round the way take $52,000 from a nxgga he would pay another 50 just to have them boys push somebody top back. but he gon let them corporates just rob him wit no gun and all he do is file a lawsuit begging the courts to get his money back. next time folks and nem take ya money just file a lawsuit dont call them boys...im just bullshxttin but its real tho.