Jus Muzik Group Announces 10th Annual Mixtape Awards


York City's Apollo Theater will be the site of the 10th Annual Mixtape Awards

scheduled for Dec. 7, the Jus Muzik Group announced Thursday (September 29).In

addition to celebrating its 10th year of honoring the best in the mixtape game,

this year's event will also be used to celebrate the life and memory of founder

Orpheus "Justo" Faison.A

15-year promotions and marketing veteran who championed the cause of mixtape DJs,

Faison died in a tragic car accident in Virginia in May 2005--two months after

last year's Mixtape Awards, which were held at B.B. King's in Times Square.Justo's

legacy has been continued by two of his closest friends on behalf of his son Vaughn:

producer Tyrone "Tytanic" Hendricks, who co-founded the Jus Muzik Group

with Faison, and Reagan Sommer McCoy, who now serves as the company's Chief Operating


agree that the decision to continue the tradition of the Mixtape Awards was easy,

as he had always been clear about his vision. "Every

year Justo planned for the next award show," said McCoy. "It wasn't

like he thought it was just gonna end one day. He wanted it to get bigger, to

build more exposure for DJs on a global level."This

year's awards will expand to include at least three new categories--Best Canadian

DJ, Best Reggaeton DJ and Best International DJ--to reflect the growth and diversity

of today's mixtape market.The

ceremony will be sponsored in part by MixUnit.com,

the Sandbox Group, Sirius Satellite Radio, Rap City and Shaw Originals.Since

Justo's death, many throughout the Hip-Hop community have voiced their concern

for his son and support of the movement he created. Yet,

according to McCoy, that has not necessarily translated into organizational or

financial support for the Awards."All

these people claimed they had Justo's back," she says, frustrated, "and

a lot of them ain't did s**t!" As

a result, the Mixtape Awards were delayed by months from their originally projected

Summer 2006 date.Over

the summer, DJ Wiz Hoffa, one of Justo's Mixtape All-stars, sent a call to arms

to all DJs stating, "I see all these DJs getting record contracts, TV shows,

endorsements, etc. [who haven't shown any support.] Justo did a lot to raise the

status of how DJs were viewed within the industry," he added. "A lot

of you [DJs] owe him half your careers!"Still,

McCoy said she feels that everything is working out exactly as it should. "I

didn't want the 10th anniversary [event] to be rushed or half-assed," she

stated. "I know exactly what Justo wanted, and that's what I'm gonna give

him: a 10th Anniversary to remember!"Those

interested in sponsoring or performing at the 10th Annual Mixtape Awards can obtain

details and pricing information at themixtapeawardsonline.com.

Nominations, which opened in May of this year, can still be submitted online.