Just Another Black Girl Lost

Most times, if the news fails to cover a compelling minority story, we as a people are the first, if not the only, to call much needed attention to events that seem to conveniently fall through the cracks. What incenses us as African-Americans is seeing one story from our community ignored for a similar story that plays out in other, shall we say, more ‘gated’ communities. But rest assured, if it involves us stealing, killing, cheating or just plain n*ggerish thuggery (especially when acted out against ourselves) – we’re sure to get top billing.

In particular, over the past few months we’ve seen the media frenzy covering the hoaxed abduction of a runaway bride and the puzzling disappearance of a young Alabama woman in Aruba. Yet for all the attention that these potentially non-threatening situations have attracted, there are countless REAL missing persons files that should warrant equal, if not more, media coverage regarding our sisters, wives and mothers.

While I’m no conspiracy theorist, I am ready to balance the lopsided racial scales with my overweighed-in outlook. In that light, a present for your reading experience, a lyrical theory that delves into this all too real predicament.

“Just Another Black Girl Lost”

Though they may owe Nas for ice,

At least he acknowledged them with some nods and advice.

Each Black girl lost is an awesome price that’s depreciated our value.

So please pardon my resolve to start a reprisal

That promptly hearkens the galled arrival

Of the startlin’ fall and demise of her vitals –

abbreviated and left out of the news.

For all the strides that America’s made,

Their lives are still ignored by America’s ways –

In the home of the brave, White America saves its own first.

The instant one of their damsels goes missin’,

The media reports the scandal exposed in printin’…

Yet it’s handled so different if her skin’s the tone of earth.

If Ms. Runaway Bride hadn’t been a White princess,

That hunt would’ve fazed out into slighted indifference.

Imagine the months she could’ve stayed quiet and hidden if she was Black!

All that for a stunt played from a white lie extended,

And yet the grudge was still waived for her wide-eyed dementia…

A sista’s agenda would’ve ended in prison for pullin’ a trick like that!!

As long as they look like Julia Roberts,

America’s sweethearts are protected like jewels from robbers –

Secure duties will always guard her with the watchful eyes of Big Brother.

And though I know he watches after my wife and her sister,

It’s only to keep them locked outside their perimeter…

One could be murdered by a senator –

and still, no publisher would cover her.

If it’s just another girl on the I.R.T.,

She’ll be overlooked by the missing person’s hierarchy.

Only Barbie’s high on the marquise – our fine women are left to die in fine print.

So if she’s too old to send out Amber alerts,

Search parties and patrols will scam on her worth…

Where were the expanded searches when a raped slave died in a ditch?

To me, that question is timeless.

Why weren’t slave rapists caught if they were so reckless and mindless?

This is the southern mindset –

nothing’s more expendable than virgin slaves.

Back then, White hands were purposely jaded to discover

That White hands were in the dirt raping slave mothers…

Why search if there was no great wonder –

the communities knew where the verdicts laid.

Besides, if the man’s worth was too great,

There’s no way he could get burned at the stake.

It’s the dirt on his name not the worth of the slave that was most important.

Such principle tendencies grandfathered in,

Are quintessentially harbored in White men…

Haunted by darker skin – their fathers’ ghosts won’t let them report it.

Furthermore, the karma is fright’nin’ –

That’s why nothing’s more guarded by White men.

Since their daughters are primed for lightnin’ –

they watch for rolls and spikes of thunder.

That’s why the second Becky misses curfew,

They start second-guessing the risk of her dues…

As the sins of the father return full circle –

with her role so ripe to be plundered.

So you’d best believe if Becky’s bereaved,

They’re gonna catch the thief the second he flees.

There’ll be no rest or reprieve –

they’ll comb the land in dire straits.

While only a few miles away,

If one of our ladies has been bound and raped…

She won’t be found ‘til she’s been drowned in a lake –

as she’s left to roam entire states.

It seems they won’t find who beat and stalked MIA

If she celebrates Christmas with Kujichagalia.

Who piques the watch of the media blends in with the light of their cameras.

Trust me on this one, if that chick in Aruba

Had been missin’ from Cuba…

She’d be strictly a rumor – as only the right likeness gets Whites standin’ up.

Though many may reprimand my stanzas,

I hope they spread like secondhand cancer.

I’m the second chance that answers when her calls fall on Tone Deaf ears.

I’m merely a reporter for my daughter’s culture

Set to record whomever dishonors or insults her…

So though ignored by news sponsors and vultures –

please know that I definitely hear.

© Reggie Legend 2005