Justine Skye Names Sheck Wes As Her Abuser, He Responds To The Allegations

The affiliate of Travis Scott and Kanye West is also accused of sending people to attack her friends.

(AllHipHop News) It's long been speculated that Sheck Wes was the unnamed man that Justine Skye was referring to when speaking about her alleged abuser. Skye's new boyfriend, GoldLink, seemed to confirm Wes was the culprit on his song "Justine's Interlude."

The R&B singer has now publicly revealed that Wes is the person she accused of assaulting her while they were in a relationship. Skye also claimed the "Mo Bamba" rapper recently had her associates attacked.

She wrote on Twitter:

Taking a walk with my friends and my man and Sheck Wes (my abuser) and his friends decide to STALK US and attack my friends.. two cars full of n*ggas while he sat in the car like a b*tch. You’re pathetic sheck and you beat women. You hit your girl before me and you’ll do it again. You’re pathetic... and all the people defending you, ya whole b*tch ass label.. everyone. You spreading lies about me. Moral of the story is, if you never put your hands on me.. you wouldn’t be in this situation and you just keep making it worse.

Wes responded with his own tweet:

I’ve chosen to remain silent until now out of respect for actual victims of abuse. But I cannot stand by while lies are repeatedly told about me. I never hit or beat any women and I did not beat up or jump anybody.


Justine Skye returned to Twitter to call out Sheck Wes. The "Build" vocalist uploaded text messages and video she claims proves Wes was abusive.

"I literally have footage of you jumping over the fence of my crib to attack me Sheck... your lies are even more disrespectful," wrote Skye.

She also added, "All your friends know what happened." Check out Justine Skye's tweets below.


Sheck Wes has responded to Justine Skye posting video of him jumping over her home barrier. He tweeted, "Just clarifying this is a video of me hopping a fence to get my stuff back from a girl who refused to give me my stuff. Once again for the record I never hit or beat up any woman."

Skye replied, "Refused? THIS specific incident was BECAUSE I was trying to give you your things... you decided to react violently and irrational because you “are a grown ass man and I’m not going to disrespect you' because I put them in garbage bags for you to pick up. Did you forget about the time you launched my phone across the room at the Montrose hotel, slapped me in the face with money saying 'get a new one b*tch,' the two hotel security guards holding you back from attacking me while I ran away. The cops coming..."

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