Justo's 10th Annual Mixtape Awards Cut Short

Hundreds of fans

and industry executives braved the frigid New York cold for Justo's 10th Annual

Mixtape Awards, which were held at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem last night

(Dec. 7).What

was supposed to be a celebration honoring Orpheus "Justo" Faison's legacy

and the music industry's top mixtape DJ's turned into a chaotic scene, with many

left stranded when doors to the event were closed early, even though the Apollo

was not filled to capacity.In

addition to celebrating its 10th year of honoring the best in the mixtape game,

this year's event was supposed to celebrate the life and memory of founder Faison,

a popular industry executive who was tragically killed in a car accident in Richmond,

VA in 2005.Long

and disorganized lines, coupled with a strong and ominous presence by the New

York Police Department dampened what was meant to be a celebratory evening.Inside,

comic Donnell "Ashy" Larry attempted to lighten the atmosphere with

jokes that often made the crowd laugh."Hip-Hop

aint dead but it needs a hug," said Donnell "Ashy Larry" Rawlings,

who joked that somebody should "tickle" the culture into lightening


DJ Clinton Sparks accepted his award for Best Club DJ, members of the audience

were vocal in their displeasure of the category's winner."If

you don't win, suck it up and take it on the chin," said Luv Bug Starski,

an iconic figure in the mixtape world. "Y'all shoot each other outside."

Starski said that some of the DJ's were only in the business because they were

"scared of them [drug] corners."Outside,

photographers and executives waited in lines, only to be told no one else would

be admitted into the venue. When no logical explanation was given, tempers flared,

resulting in several, loud arguments between men at the door and members of the

finicky crowd.Inside

the Apollo, members of the audience refused to comply when Justo's close personal

friend Bill Duke (X-Men: The Last Stand, Get Rich or Die Tryin',

Menace II Society) requested for a moment of silence."I

loved him like a brother and I came here to give respect to him. He deserves one

moment," said, Duke who pleaded for silence from the crowd.Mick

Boogie was one of several DJ's who had the brief chance to accept his award, before

a scuffle that allegedly involved members affiliated with Dipset and G-Unit had

attendees heading for the exits."In

my quest to be known as one of the most creative and consistent DJs in the game,

I was excited to win an award that not only recognized me, but showed love to

my region as well," Mick Boogie told AllHipHop.com . "I wish the awards

could have occurred without the negativity, but hopefully next year will build

on the positives of this year."Sources

also said a dispute with the Fire Marshal helped the evening come to an early