Juvenile Arrested In New Orleans

New Orleans police arrested Juvenile and three

other men today (Jan. 29) on drug possession charges, after cocaine and marijuana

were found in the rental car they were traveling in.

Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, 27,

Darrell Mitchell, 30, Alvin Gus, 29 and Morris Pete, 39, each faces a charge

of possession of cocaine and possession of cocaine.

According to police, officers smelled a strong

odor of marijuana as the rented 2003 Lincoln Town car proceeded through a New

Orleans insurance checkpoint stop. During the stop the officers saw to two lit

marijuana cigarettes in the vehicles ashtray.

A search of the car turned up a small amount

of cocaine in the trunk as well as small amounts of marijuana on Mitchell and

Gus. All three suspects were arrested and charged with narcotics violations.