Juvenile Films Video In New Orleans' Ravaged Ninth Ward

Juvenile recently

wrapped a new, gritty video for "Get Ya Hustle On" that captures the

continued desolation in New Orleans' Ninth Ward in the aftermath of Hurricane


The rapper and

New Orleans native is one of the first artists to be granted access to the lower

Ninth Ward since a levee breach flooded the streets in the natural disaster.

The video, which

is still in production, was shot over a four-day period in a documentary style.


Ya Hustle On," a politically charged song, criticized local and national

governmental forces for neglecting the city's poorest and disenfranchised.


more like out with the old, in with the new," Juvenile said of the efforts

to rebuild New Orleans. "Now you got [wealthy real estate barons] down

there, buying up all the property - now it’s a big business venture. If

you didn’t pay your taxes on your property - and half of the people weren’t

able to pay taxes, you know - a lot of people lost their money for real.

While most of Reality

Check, the rapper's upcoming album, was recorded prior to the hurricane,

he re-added songs like "Get Ya Hustle On" to address the plight of

the victims.


video, directed by Ben Mor, depicts three children that find masks of President

Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Mayor Ray Nagin.

The opposing side

of the masks says, "Help Is Coming."

The beginning of

the video says, "This is a tribute to those who died in the wrath of Hurricane

Katrina. The storm may have passed, but for thousands the struggle is just beginning."

To view images

from the shoot click this link.

For more insight

on Juvenile's views on Hurricane Katrina and the political controversy surrounding

it, read Juvenile's AllHipHop.com


Juvenile's UTP/Atlantic

debut, Reality Check, is due on March 7.