K. Michelle Bashes Elle Varner & Lil Kim (VIDEO)

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)


(AllHipHop News) K. Michelle has no chill when it comes to voicing her opinions of fellow female artists Elle Varner and Lil Kim. The Tennessee native visited The Breakfast Club and went in on the two ladies.

When asked what happened between her and former friend Varner, Michelle explained that she and "curly head" had a falling out over comments Michelle made about Varner's ex-boyfriend Iman Shumpert. Michelle then implied Varner tried to steal her persona.

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"I was in her ear when she was going through it with Iman like, 'f**k him'. She wanted to start saying 'f**k you.' I was like, 'this is not you'," said Michelle. "Next thing, I look up and she's on couches, turning up going ham on people. I'm like whoa.. Even management was like whoa, the blond wigs."

Michelle added that she felt Varner stole her sound on a particular record as well. She said, "I’m the only b***h yodeling in these hooks. You can’t do this."

The former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star even got new management after the incident, feeling the reps showed favoritism toward fellow client Varner.

When it came to the Queen Bee, Michelle started by saying, "I'm not studyin' that lady." Kim's fans took offense to Michelle referring to Nicki Minaj as "The Queen Of Rap" on Twitter during MTV's Video Music Awards.

Michelle responded by tweeting, "f**k Lil Kim's fans" which brought a response from Kim on Twitter. According to the perfomer, if Kim felt some type of way about the tweets the Brooklyn femcee should have called her directly.

“B**h trying to get a VMA moment. Neither one of us was there, motherfu**er. At least I’m in the studio working," said Michelle. "You been in the game. You could of at least been a guest.”

Michelle did state she views Lil Kim as a legend and looks up to her accomplishments in the industry, but she does not understand why the Hard Core rapper would address her on social media and not via phone.

“Why would you go and talk to me on Twitter? Cause you wanna keep them three fans you got," said Michelle. "You could’ve been a woman and texted me.”

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Watch K. Michelle's interview below.