K. Michelle On The Kardashians: “They Can Be Black, I Can’t Be Black"

The vocalist calls out the reality show clan for appropriating African-American culture.

(AllHipHop News) K. Michelle has a song on her Kimberly: The People I Used to Know album titled “Kim K,” an obvious reference to reality show star Kim Kardashian. While speaking with Revolt, the R&B singer provided more commentary about the Kardashian /Jenner family's connection to perceived cultural appropriation.

“They can be black. I can’t be black. I thought I woke up as the black woman, but I have to go to sleep as a Caucasian in order to make some money nowadays,” said K. Michelle. “Kim K and all them can take our culture - from our cornrows... you can throw cornrows to the back and put your face on top of Biggie and Pac. You can do that. If I did it, what would they do?”

She added, “They get away with being black. ‘Cornrows, it’s edgy, it’s new.’ B-tch, we been wearing cornrows when our mommas didn’t want to comb our hair. What’s next? Barrettes? Big lips? Big ass? That’s been us. African-American women are the culture.”

KM wears weaves from Korean and India but people can't wear black hairstyles


It belongs to us leave us alone please God help them to leave us alone


black people own braids now? i had some african lady try to tell me my adidas jeremy scott 2013 totem track suit was somehow taking from her african culture. when its pacific northwest american indians that inspired it. ethnicities will continue to play the victim and we will always be guilty of being white.