K-Solo Disses DMX

It seems that no one is safe from getting dissed this year in Hip-Hop. With Beef's between Jay-Z and Nas, Prodigy and Jay-Z, Jadakiss and Jay-Z, Suge and all Death Row defectees, Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss, Foxy Brown and Lil Kim and whoever else, it seems that K-Solo has thrown in his bid on the new DJ 4-5 mixtape, dissing DMX.

According to Solo, he and DMX were incarcerated at the same time and witnessed "acts of violation" being performed against DMX. He claims that DMX was raped during a bid. During the verbal assault, solo states in his lyrics "Yall aint fucking me with those big dicks all night," and also states "I aint Redman I'll put two in your headband."

It seems that K-Solo's main issue with DMX comes down to DMX allegedly stealing K-Solo's "spelling" style while they were both locked up. DMX first dissed K-Solo on the unedited form of "Get At Me Dog" and has made it clear that he will not turn the beef public or "raise [K-Solo's career] from the dead."

K-Solo, Redman's cousin, was a member of EPMD's original Hit Squad and appeared on song's like "Headbanger" and "Knick Knack Paddy Wack." He also dropped 2 well recieved solo albums , Tell The World My Name (1990) and I Can't Hold It Back (1992).