Kadafi’s Mother Speaks

"We have to start with the truth…my son was murdered," said Yaasmyn Fula, mother of Kadafi Fula. There have been various accounts of how Kadafi, one of Tupac’s Outlawz, was slain.

Some theories state that he was killed in a freak accident with a firearm and others still maintain that he was murdered because he was willing to testify to Pac’s murderers.

Once known as Young Hollywood, Kadafi (real name: Yafeu A. Fula aka Yak) was instrumental in the formation of the Outlawz as he was featured on early Pac songs like "Flex," "Me Against The World" and "Outlaw."

Tupac bestowed him with the name Kadafi, a moniker after former Libyan chief Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi. Later, as an Outlaw Kadafi was featured on classic Pac songs like "Hit Em Up." Maintaining she knows the reality surrounding her son’s death, Fulu said she has a perspective that no other can claim – that of a mother.

"I have a totally different take on [my son’s death]," she told AllHipHop.com refuting most of the looming questions.

She said that the media, rappers and the general population have forgotten much of Tupac’s roots in the Black Nationalist movement and much of the edutainment value of hip-hop culture.

"What are we giving the youth? They have no concept of history," she said. "Tupac was the epitome of everything that is good in us." Nevertheless, she said she had no intention of dwelling on her son’s passing. "I am about moving forward," she said promising to discuss more about her son at a later date. At the time of his death Kadafi was 19 years old.