Kane & Abel Ready New Album, New Novel

Twin brothers Kane & Abel, will release their

latest album, The Last Ones Left on October 15. The album is being released

through Entertainment Solutions. The twins have been incarcerated since last

year and are being held at separate federal facilities in Texas. Kane is scheduled

for release in November of this year and Abel in January of 2003.

The two brothers were incarcerated after they

admitted to receiving 10 kilograms of cocaine from drug kingpin Richard Pena

in 1996 and 1997. Three other defendants are serving 10 year sentences. Pena

bankrolled Kane & Abel's rap career, "lawfully providing them with

money to help defray living expenses so that they could pursue their rap music

careers," according to the plea. Pena was arrested in 1997 in Mississippi,

and subsequently pleaded guilty to eight drug-related murders.

Kane & Abel claimed that their arrest was

actually a conspiracy, ultimately aimed at getting them to testify against Master


Before their sentence, Kane & Abel finished

work on an album and a book, planning to have them released simultaneously.

"We've been preparing for this for two years," Kane said. "We

have about 60 to 65 songs."

The novel of the same name follows the life of

a Houston heroin dealer who becomes the first person publicly executed (and

televised) in present time.

"Being able to let that creative energy

go was good for us," Kane said. "We were always optimistic; we never

were thinking, 'Let's put it down because we're about to go away for life.'

We were thinking, 'Lets do what we always do -- make good music for the fans."