Kane & Abel Sentenced

AllHipHop Staff


& Abel, once part of Master P's No Limit

empire, were sentenced to three years in Federal prison

on Wednesday.

A U.S. District

Court Judge accepted the rappers' plea last year, in

which Kane & Abel admitted to lying to Federal Agents

about jailed New Orlean's murderer and drug kingpin

Richard Pena. The Judge in the case, Judge Sarah Vance

gave the brothers the maximum sentence for the charge

of lying to Federal Agents.


to prosecuters, Kane & Abel met Richard Pena while

students at Xavier University. He allegedly financed

their music career and shen their relationship soured,

he put them to work as drug couriers. Pena pleaded guilty

to eight murders. "We

feel that was unfair, and we plan to appeal," Abel

told sonicnet.


view is that the sentence was harsher than it needed

to be under both the law and the facts of the case,"

Kane & Abel's attorney, Richard Westling said.

Kane &

Abel will check into an as yet unknown prison October

10th, to begin serving their time. "We're happy

to get this thing behind us, and we know that our company

won't miss a beat and we'll be back in no time,"

Abel said.

While awaiting

their sentence, the brothers remained busy. Their label,

Most Wanted Records, will release a compilation titled

Most Wanted Boys, with guest appearances from Snoop

Dogg, Juvenile and Most Wanted Acts 5th Ward Weebie

and Boss Player.

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