Kanye West Accused Of Ignoring Advice And Stealing Yeezy Designs

AllHipHop Staff

Kanye West decided to just steal some designs for his Yeezy clothing line according to a new lawsuit.

(AllHipHop News) Bosses at Kanye West's clothing company are facing a lawsuit over a camouflage pattern.

Bosses at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises claim a representative contacted them and asked to use the Realtree line design for the Yeezy Apparel and Unknwn brands, but when they explained the clothing items would have to be licensed they allegedly copied the pattern and used it for his items without their permission.

According to reports, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises executives are now seeking unspecified damages.

They have also requested an order to stop West selling the existing merchandise and destroy what is left.

Kanye has yet to respond to the lawsuit, but this isn't the first time he has been hit with legal action over the brand - in November, he was slapped with a breach of contract lawsuit from a clothing agent in Turkey in a payment dispute.

Derya Gulseven claimed she was hired in July 2015 to help bosses at the star's West Brands Fashion LLC find manufacturers in Istanbul to produce items for his popular brand, serving as a "season-by-season sourcing agent" and making sure the goods were imported into the U.S.

However, she alleged she was cheated out of the agreed seven percent commission on each total order on more than one occasion, and sued for funds she maintained she was owed.

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kanye gone of that smack aint nobody gettin paid.