Kanye West Accused Of Stealing Other People’s Music… Again

Kanye’s most recent single “I Love It” featuring Lil Pump appears to be a knockoff of an original.

(AllHipHop News) It appears Kanye West is stealing other peoples music again.

DJ David Morales went on social media to reveal the truth. He states, Im here to address that Kanye Wests i Love It new single Im getting all these messages that a song I did over 25 years ago, is based on what of my dub mixes.

He proceeds to give fans a preview off his original song, singing the same words, I Love It.

He continues, That is my bass line I did over 25 years ago. Nobody gave me any permission. No love. No royalties. Nevertheless, Im going on record! This is my bassline. "

So far, Kanye has yet to comment.

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