Kanye West Dines At Mexican Restaurant In MAGA Hat With 8 Bodyguards

Ye is back in the States and better than ever.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Just earlier this month, Kanye West fled to Africa with his family for a week-stay at a luxury resort, with no outside distractions.

Now, he’s back in the US — better than ever.

Just a few days back, Ye was spotted at Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant in Naperville, where he came in with not one, not two, but eight bodyguards.

The restaurant owner Sandy Rocush stated, “West came in to the 1272 E. Chicago Ave. restaurant with eight bodyguards and three other people about 2:30 p.m.”

After dining with his three other companions, he head to the restaurant’s bar known as “The Can,” and proceeded to play pool.

Rocush states, “We didn’t know he was coming, but (someone he was with) said he was in the area and that he’s loved Pepe’s food his entire life.

He came into the restaurant to order lunch, and we have an employee who’s worked here for 39 years who was serving him.”

Of course, when you have 8 bodyguards in attendance, it’s hard NOT to draw attention.

The server who took West’s order revealed Ye was extremely humble and nice.

Ye reportedly ordered three of the restaurant’s chicken stuffed tacos before taking photos with the customers.

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People need to leave him alone already, he is entitled to his opinion the same way we are if you agree with it or dont.