Kanye West Discusses How He Believes Being Black Will Be "Completely Different" In 10 Years

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop News) Kanye West sparked a lot of conversation when he ranted about how black people need to stop being distracted by racial discrimination.

The "Famous" rapper acknowledged racism still exists in America, but the Chicago native made it clear he thinks the issue should not be at the forefront for African-Americans.

Kanye once again addressed the topic of race in an interview with Surface magazine.

"Skin color. I’m not saying 'currently,' as if I’m going to change. I’m saying currently because - I’m actually not that good at words; it’s better when a beat is on," said West. "What I mean by currently is that 10 years from now to be black is going to be a completely different thing, because of what we’re doing now."

The Life Of Pablo album creator went on to state he believes that outcome will be achieved through interracial dating, culture, and business.

"There was a moment in rap, through the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s, when people said, 'Hey, I’m Jewish, own a record label, and I need a black guy,'" conveyed Ye. "Because of what we’ve done at Donda, collectively, 20 years from now, people are gonna go, 'We need a black guy to creative direct something.' There have been very few directors, period, who are black."

The Q&A included Kanye discussing more about his creative content company Donda as well as wordless communication, the definition of art, and companies versus brands.