Kanye West Donates $150K To Family Of Security Guard Killed By Cops

Kanye contributed a significant amount to Roberson’s GoFundMe account.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has done a great deed.

Recently, a Chicago security guard named Jemel Roberson was murdered by the police while trying to prevent what could have been another mass shooting.

Roberson was working the late shift at Manny's Blue Room Bar when several inebriated customers were kicked out. One of them came back with a gun, and decided to open fire.

Ye caught wind of the incident that happened in his hometown, and decided to contribute to the GoFundMe account for Roberson’s family.

The “I Love It” rapper contributed $150,000, which exceeds the set goal of $10,000, 50x over.

Roberson was working overtime in hopes of getting his 9-month-old son something special for Christmas.

In addition, to his son, Roberson leaves behind his girlfriend, Avontea Boose, who is pregnant with their second kid.

The murder remains under investigation by Illinois State Police.

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