Kanye West Donates Hundreds Of Thousands To Chicago Mayoral Candidate's Campaign

Kanye may act like a republican but he is donating big loot to the Democrats.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has donated $126,460 to Chicago's Democratic mayoral candidate Amara Enyia, state campaign finance records show.

According to state campaign finance records obtained by editors at the Chicago Tribune, the rapper, who has caused consternation with his support for U.S. President Donald Trump, gave $126,460 into the campaign of mayoral candidate Amara Enyia.

The documents show the donation was reportedly made after Kanye tweeted he was "distancing himself from politics and completely focusing on being creative," after alleging he's been "used to spread messages I don't believe in."

The rapper has reportedly contributed a total of $200,000 to the mayoral candidate's campaign, which includes a previous amount of $73,540, reports the publication.

Last week, the 41-year-old made an uncharacteristically mute appearance alongside activist Enyia at a Chicago rally which was also attended by another of the city's famous sons, Chance the Rapper.

"I also have to give a shoutout and kudos to Ye, who is from the South Side and is invested and committed to giving back to our city," said the politician, praising the Yeezy designer, whose surprise backing of her campaign, which calls for police reform, and is at odds with Trump's Republican agenda.

Kanye raised eyebrows with his bizarre behavior on a visit to the White House last month when he hugged Trump in the Oval Office while wearing the president's red trademark Make America Great Again hat.

However, following his rambling appearance, he backtracked on his political stance, distancing himself from the 'Blexit' campaign that encourages African-Americans to leave the Democratic Party and vote Republican, and insisting his "eyes are now wide open"