Kanye West Explains His Pastelle Clothing Line

Kanye West's fashion

sensibilities have been an important component to his musical success and the

producer/rapper has plans to release his Pastelle Clothing line to the world -

when it’s ready.

Reports have indicated the line would emerge in spring 2006,

but West said that he was determined to find the proper partnership to ensure

success and quality.

"We're in talks with different people but I want to connect

with someone that can really bring it to light," West told AllHipHop.com.

"We've talked with a bunch of different people but the people that are

really good are focused on their own stuff and the people that aren't that good

don't meet up to my standards."

West won Stuff magazine's 2005 Style Icon of the Year and he

insisted that Pastelle would reach his standards of excellence.

"I won't do anything just to do it just to make money,”

West continued. “I feel like you make a product out of yourself. And I

want everything to be a certain caliber. If I was doing something just to make

money I wouldn't spend so much money on my videos..

"It's always art first. And I have such a respect for designers

and I wouldn't want to disrespect them and come out with some random cheap line,"

West continued. "I would want people in the design world to look at me

and be like, "that's dope how did you think of that?'"

Incidentally, the entertainer also strives for achievement in

the cinematic industry.

"I have some acting roles on the table right now. I'm just

considering them, but I'd be more geared to directing than acting," he

admitted. "I just love directing. I like giving directions more then taking


On the music front,

West's album Late

Registration is nominated for eight Grammy awards at the 48th Annual

Grammy Awards, which take place on Feb. 8 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles,