Kanye West Gets Reincarnated As A Woman In New Play

Kanye West's mental issues are the subject of a new play that is set to kick off in the United Kingdom next week.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West is the subject of a rather bizarre plot in a new play running in the United Kingdom.

A playwright amed Sam Steiner has created a new production called "Kanye the First," where Kanye dies and is reincarnated as British woman named Annie.

As expected, Kanye is completely confused being in the body of a twenty-seven-year-old, middle-class white woman.

But the play is not meant to mock the Chicago rapper. Instead, it is meant to showcase how society deals with people who suffer from mental illnesses.

“I became really frustrated with how people were mocking him, and implying that he deserved this in some way,” Sam Steiner told The Guardian . “To me it showed this growing empathy gap that people have when it comes to Kanye West; friends of mine who had struggled with mental health problems and know what it’s like to go through a hard time felt totally fine about taking the piss out of Kanye for it. I thought it was colored by racism to some extent, but I became really interested in why people responded to him in that way.”

According to Steiner, he "uses the mask of Kanye West's identity to allow Annie to fearlessly express herself."

"Kanye the First" is playing at the HighTide festival in and other before a run around the country in select Cities until October.

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Because he is a jackass. That's why people respond to him that way.