Kanye West Goes On A Tangent During White House Meeting; President Trump Stunned

Kanye met with Trump today and it was a spectacle, to say the least!

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West was on hand with U.S. President Donald Trump, as the POTUS signed a new bill transforming American music copyright law.

Kanye was The White House when President Trump signed the 2018 Music Modernization Act (MMA), which was passed by U.S. Senators last month.

The law has long been campaigned for by musicians and industry figures and reforms music licensing to allow songwriters and artists to allow songwriters to receive payments for pre-1972 recordings and increases their earnings from streaming services.

The rap star also turned to politics as national media cameras were rolling inside of the Oval Office.

"If he [President Trump] don't look good, we don't look good," Kanye West said. "We got to have the flyest planes, best factories. We have to make our core be in power. We have to bring jobs into America. Our best export is entertainment ideas. We make everything in China and Not America. We are cheating on our country, we end up in the cheapest factory ever - the prison system."

Kanye also linked with the Pres' son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner and ex-football star Jim Brown, to discuss various issues, including prison reform.

Kanye West also enjoyed some lunch with President Trump in the private dining room of the Oval Office, which included a delicious meal that included caprese salad and roast chicken.

“He's a very different kind of a guy, I say that in a positive way,” President Trump gushed during an interview on Fox. “Those in the music business say he’s a genius, and that’s okay with me.”

During the same interview, President Trump said he was open to reforming the justice system, which he admitted was "very unfair to African-Americans."

It almost sounded as if reforming the prison system was a top priority for President Trump since it is "very costly" and challenged his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

“Well if he [Jeff Sessions] doesn’t [reform the justice system] then he gets overruled by me, because I make the decisions, he doesn’t,” President Trump said.

Kanye's public support of the controversial U.S. President has sparked outrage among fans and his fellow musicians, as have his outlandish comments on slavery and America's Constitution.