Kanye West Honored By 'Millions More Movement'

Kanye West was recently honored at the Nation of Islam headquarters

in Chicago, Illinois, where the rapper expressed support for the upcoming Millions

More Movement.

On July 24, West was presented with the Million Man March Image Award on behalf

of the Board of Directors of the Millions More Movement.

Combating the rising dropout rates in schools across the country, West has established

the Kanye West Foundation and also Loop Dreams, which is designed to help keep

instruments in schools and give "at-risk" students the opportunity

to learn how to write and produce music.

The Millions More Movement will take place in Washington D.C. on October 15

to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Million Man March.

This year's movement is designed to bring together men, women and children to

help create a framework for resolving critical issues affecting the community.

The march has officially been endorsed by the National Council of Negro Women

and the NAACP.

For a complete video clip on Kanye's comments, check out www.millionsmoremovement.com/news/kanye07-25-2005.htm

For more information on the Millions More Movement and to register as donor/supporters

or request info on the event, log onto www.millionsmoremovement.com.