Kanye West Planning On Launching His Own Political Party

Kanye is definitely making plans to run for the Oval Office.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Kanye West has publicly restated his desire to run for a seat in the White House as U.S. President.

The controversial hitmaker first declared his interest in America's highest political office at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, noting running in 2020 was his goal at the time.

He revealed he's still interested in campaigning for the presidency during a recent radio interview on Power 92 in his native Chicago, Illinois, stating he now has his sights set on 2024.

"If I decide to do it, it will be done," he declared. "I'm not gonna try."

Kanye, 41, also took the opportunity to announce his political platform, stating healthcare is a major issue close to his heart.

"One of my main things, once I'm president, is the medical industry," he said. "I'm gonna make sure that the medical industry flourishes."

Kanye has stirred up controversy in recent months for his repeated public support for America's scandal-ridden Republican President Donald Trump, but the backlash hasn't swayed his appreciation for the U.S. leader's anti-establishment approach to running the country, explaining he will likely follow his lead on some issues - but not all.

"I don't know all the policies," West said. "I don't agree with everything that any other man does, period. And I'm not particularly left or right. I thought of a name for my party I'd run with - the Birthday Party."

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