Kanye West Plans To Help The Homeless By Building Star Wars Inspired Buildings

AllHipHop Staff

The producer/rapper/designer hopes to help the world by building better buildings for homeless people.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West is drawing inspiration from the "Star Wars" film franchise to design low-income housing for those in need.

Kanye has shared some of his design concepts with reporter Zack O’Malley Greenburg for a new Forbes magazine profile piece, in which he reveals his hopes to provide futuristic buildings for the poor.

In the article, Greenburg describes Kanye taking him on a tour of “oblong and dozens of feet tall” prototypes, like those featured in George Lucas’ 1977 movie "Star Wars: A New Hope," in which Mark Hamill portrayed Luke Skywalker.

“Inspired by Luke Skywalker’s childhood home, West has been working with a team to design prefabricated structures that sport the same austere aesthetic, with the goal of deploying them as low-income housing units,” the writer explains.

It’s not clear when Kanye is aiming to roll out the project, but it’s not the only innovative product he is in the midst of developing.

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Bro trying. Appreciate him just for that alone.