Kanye West & Pusha T Sued For Turning A Soul Classic Into A Drug Dealing Anthem

AllHipHop Staff

The producer/rapper's are being sued over Pusha's song "Come Back Baby."

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West and Pusha T could be heading to court over claims they ripped off some legendary soul singers without paying up.

The pair are being sued by the Muscle Shoals-based powerhouse Fame Studios, over Pusha's song "Come Back Baby" from his album Daytona.

Fame claims Kanye illegally sampled George Jackson's song “I Can’t Do Without You" and turned it into a drug-dealing anthem, which they would have never approved of.


"Defendants used Plaintiff’s sound recording in their sound recording about drug addiction and the money made from selling drugs," the lawsuit reads. "Plaintiff would not have agreed to license 'I Can’t Do Without You' for such a use under any circumstances."

To make matters worse, reps for FAME claim Jackson's samples make up over 35% of the Pusha's song, although they have received zero compensation from the famous rappers.

FAME has been a factory of hits over the past six decades, where artists like Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, and countless others have recorded at the fabled studio.


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CA$H GRAB!!!!! That's my favorite song on that album but let's keep it REAL no one has thought about the original song in __________ year's!!!