Kanye West Reportedly Pissed Over Timing Of Taylor Swift's Song and Album

AllHipHop Staff

Kanye West is reportedly pissed at Taylor Swift over the release date of her new album and song.

(AllHipHop News) The ongoing feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West continues to rage on.

Kanye is apparently less than pleased with Taylor Swift, over the release of her song "This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things" on her new album reputation.

Although the two made peace for a little while in 2015 during the MTV VMAs, the feud reignited when Kanye branded Taylor a "bitch" on his song "Famous" while claiming the singer approved of the song's release.

The pop star's song takes several obvious swipes at Kanye, extending a feud that goes back to 2009 when the rapper interrupted Taylor's Grammy speech after she bested Beyonce in the Best Female Video category.

"It was so nice being friends again/there I was giving you a second chance/but you stabbed me in the back without shaking my hand," Taylor opines in "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things."

According to RadarOnline , Kanye is furious with Taylor Swift, since she allegedly purposely dropped the diss single on the anniversary of the death of Kanye's mother Dr. Donda West.

"Kim and Kanye have totally moved on, but she just can’t. And it is awful that she put out the mean album on a day that is so painful for Kanye, even all these years later,” a person close to the pair said.

Back in August when rumors of Taylor's then-forthcoming diss track began to leak eagle-eyed fans noticed the album was also slated to be released on November 10th, the same day Dr. West died from complications during breast reduction surgery back in 2007.

Taylor's reps issued a statement denying the album was being released to coincide with the anniversary of Dr. West's passing. "It is standard practice that releases come out on Fridays and we locked in this release date based on other Universal Music Group releases. There is no correlation," reps for the pop singer said in a statement.