Kanye West's Associate Denies Pulling A Scam On Kanye; Suggests A Conspiracy

The Chicago producer's longtime associate is adamantly denying he stole anything from Philip Plein or Kanye West.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West's longtime associate Malik Yusef is denying he masterminded a $900,000 scam on fashion brand Philipp Plein International.

Philipp Plein International AG signed a contract with Malik Yusef, who was apparently supposed to attend the company's New York Fashion Week event.

The clothing brand wired a $900,000 advance to an account, but reps for Kanye West came forward and claimed Malik Yusef misrepresented himself and scammed Kanye and Philipp Plein.

Malik Yusef blasted the notion he would scam anyone and said Kanye had originally agreed to do the event in a series of tweets defending himself.

He also blasted Kanye for not coming to his aide, when he is so quick to defend his buddy, United States President, Donald Trump.

As of press time, there is still no explanation as to where the missing money is, but Malik seems to believe there's a conspiracy being hatched by Philip Plein International, to divide Malik and Kanye.


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Isn’t this the same guy who Kanye claimed bullied him on the SNL set? Told Kanye to take off that fucking MAGA hat.. I don’t think Kanye would’ve forgotten that, regardless of everything he’s done for him.


They need to dig the truth out.. Scam done with his name ain't cool