Kanye West's Childhood Home Is About To Be Demolished

Kanye's childhood home is about to meet a wrecking ball, so Rhymefest can build a community center.

(AllHipHop News) The house at Kanye West once called home is about to be demolished.

The abandoned property went up for sale in 2016 and it was purchased by “Jesus Walks” collaborator, Rhymefest.

Shortly after Rhymefest purchased the property in 2016, he said he had plans on renovating the dilapidated piece of property and using it as a community center.

According to the Chicago Crusader, the house will be completely demolished to make way for the new community center.

The community center is being spearheaded by Rhymefest‘s non-profit, Donda’s house, which he runs with his wife Donnie Smith.

There was no choice but to demolish the building, because of “significant structural damage.”

“Our plan is to demolish the home in order to build our Donda’s House Center,” Rhymefest’s wife Donnie Smith said in a statement.

“Additionally, we want to be able to accommodate more people, and the current space would not allow us to do that.“

The community center still faces significant hurdles in order to get off the ground.

Donda’s House and Rhymefest are still trying to raise $1 million for the new structure, and the house must be rezoned for commercial use.