Kanye West's Neighbors May Ruin His Dream To Reinvent Housing

The rapper is already encountering some obstacles in his quest to disrupt the housing market.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West dreams of revolutionizing the housing industry could come crashing down - literally.

Over the past year, Kanye has been hard at work constructing dome-shaped housing inspired by "Star Wars."

The buildings, which are being built on Kanye's 300-acre property in Calabasas, California are part of the rap star's ultimate plan to make housing more affordable.

But, according to reports, Kanye did not get permits to build the structures on his own property.

Now, officials are threatening to take action against the structures after his cranky neighbors complained to county officials.

An investigation into the complaint revealed Kanye had failed to secure the proper permits for the homes, which violate a variety of county building codes.

If he fails to get the permits by September 15, Kanye's new housing will have to be demolished.