Kanye West, Solange Knowles Sued For Ripping Off Song

AllHipHop Staff

A veteran soul singer claims Kanye and Solange ripped off his music.

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West and Solange Knowles have been hit with a lawsuit from a musician who claims both stars ripped off one of his songs.

Singer/songwriter Leroy Mitchell alleges Kanye and Beyonce's younger sister sampled his 1970 track "If We Can't Be Lovers" without permission.

The performer, who also goes by the name Prince Phillip Mitchell, claims West stole portions of the ballad for his song "Everything I Am," while Knowles did the same for "F##k the Industry."

"Everything I Am" was released in 2007, while Knowles' track debuted the following year.

According to reports Mitchell is seeking an undisclosed sum for copyright infringement and is asking for both artists to stop performing their songs.