Kanye West Sued For Not Paying The Praying 4-Year-Old On "Ultralight Beam"

Did Kanye jerk a child out of royalties or did he just forget?

(AllHipHop News) Kanye was just hit with a lawsuit claiming he used a poem from a four-year-old and used it on his song "Ultralight Beam."

According to TMZ.com, the rapper tried to do the right thing by clearing the viral sample of a child named "Natalie" reciting the prayer.

The rapper cleared the sample with the child's biological mom, but she was adopted, and her legal guardians had no clue the child's voice was going to be used on a hit record.

Plus, Kanye's legal team allegedly never sent the contract or a payment to anyone for using the clip, so now they are suing the rap star for damages.