Karan Gill - Helping Producers Receive the Publicity They Deserve


USC Football coach- turned publicist shows producers how to level the playing field.

In today's day and age, some of the best producers, athletes and public figures frequently go unnoticed in the production of great work and team accomplishments. Whether it's the rapper or quarterback, there is always someone who gets all the credit for an achievement or team win. Some of the incredibly talented and integral pieces to a project are often forgotten and unrecognized. From his own personal experiences frustrated with this reality, Karan Gill is driven to bring out the best in his clients and allow them to capitalize on the attention and publicity they deserve.

Previously as a student coach for the USC Trojan football team, Gill spent years working in the background, doing much of the unseen, required work for the defense. While the operation requires a great deal of grunt work, Gill was frustrated with how much he could accomplish and bring to the table, but upward mobility in the industry was fueled by politics rather than merit.

It felt like no matter what great ideas or findings I brought to reports and weekly game plan, the fact that I didn't want to politic or always tell people what they wanted to hear limited my movement in football."


Realizing this, Gill gradually moved into a different industry, starting in his third year with the football team, consulting and guiding athletes all over the country on how to navigate the digital space to build their own brand.

The unique aspect about sports is navigating the line between promoting yourself and not bringing unnecessary attention and distraction to the team. Coaches want all their players to stay off social media, but players have to capitalize on it to set themselves up for off-the-field opportunities."

Helping athletes has been tremendously rewarding for Karan, but one space he has recently opened his clientele up to is music. A huge fan of artists, Gill has noticed that while rappers receive all the fame, their producers and engineers behind the scenes remain unnoticed, while the most popular songs and albums could not have been as successful without brilliant minds creating the music. Relating to the situation, Gill has stepped in and helped producers build their own brand and receive the fame and publicity they deserve.

There's no reason these producers who work on the hottest projects in rap right now shouldn't be more well known than they are. Their influence and reach has the potential to be much bigger than it is right now, and that's what we work to bring out of our clients. Their personalities, stories, and creativity has a life of its own that needs to be brought out."

The Huffington Post called Gill and his company, Troy Media Group, "experts in the marketing and digital media space," and it won't be long before Gill impacts the music space just like he has with athletes. As Drake said, "I swear sports and music are so synonymous." Gill sees this, and hopes to bring the same successes to his clients in music as he has done with his athletes.