Karl Kani Teams With Saks For New Clothing Line

Designer Karl Kani has created a new upscale men's line that will be sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide.

The new Kani Kouture, which combines contemporary fashion and streetwear, was unveiled last night (Mar 11) during a fashion show hosted by the designer as part of the Mercedes-Benz LA Fashion Week.

The Urban streetwear pioneer is also working on a new women's line, he revealed to AllHipHop.com.

"The [men 's] line was inspired from [our] European Collection," Kani told AllHipHop.com. "We also have the Debutant line, which is a very high-end women's line that consists of silk dresses and much more. The world needs to get ready for the new launch of Karl Kani."

Established in 1989, Karl Kani is recognized as one of the first labels to cater specifically to urban tastes.

The line, which consists of several sub-brands including Karl Kani Life and Karl Kani Black Label, has remained a prominent fixture on the urban fashion market since being introduced in 1989.

Kani's determination to stay on the cutting edge of the fashion world was the basis behind the new Saks partnership.

"We reached out to Saks and showed them the direction of the new market," explained Kani, born Carl Williams. "That's when 'Kani Kouture Exclusively for Saks' was created. They wanted a name that fits to something in the store. Saks needs Karl Kani and Karl Kani needs Saks. It’s is going to be crazy."

Attendees of the Kani Kouture runway show got the first glance at the exclusive Saks designs, as well as clothing designed specifically for the event.

They were also treated to a live performance of Kia Shine's single "So Krispy."