Karrine "Superhead" Steffans Blasts Tyra Banks For "Attacking" Her Over Sex

It looks like the former video vixen is suggesting Tyra has her own history with men in Hollywood.

(AllHipHop News) Do you remember Karrine Steffans? She's the woman that picked up the nickname "Superhead" for her alleged superior fellatio abilities.

Steffans set the industry ablaze with her 2005 book Confessions of a Video Vixen. The tell-all memoir supposedly revealed the secret sex lives of rappers and pro athletes.

Many people - including other female music video stars - took issue with Confessions. Steffans even received criticism from Tyra Banks when she appeared on the Victoria's Secret model's talk show in 2005.

BET is producing a digital docu-series titled VIXEN which examines the careers of famous prima donnas from 1990s/2000s Hip Hop videos. One segment from the show features Steffans recalling her sit down with Tyra.

"That interview with Tyra Banks was ridiculous. I found it sad for her. I know some things about Tyra. It's a very small town," stated Karrine. "So when she attacked me, I remember thinking, 'Not you? [laughs] You? Okay.'"

The New York Times best-selling author added, "She says to me, behind the scenes, 'Those are my colleagues.' And I thought, '[Shaquille O'Neal] is your colleague? You guys dribble, shoot in the gym together?' These aren't your colleague, sweetie. You model underwear for a living."

VIXEN also features Melyssa Ford, Gloria Velez, Buffie The Body, Lola Monroe, Yaris Sanchez, Stephanie Santiago, and Rosa Acosta. BET also caught up with Director X, Dr. Teeth, Sha Money XL, Amina Diop, Datwon Thomas, Kim Osorio, Adelle Henderson, and more.

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