Kash Doll Blasts Clout Chasing Rappers That Did TV And Had Famous Boyfriends

It sounds like the Detroit rapper is throwing shade at some of her peers.

(AllHipHop News) The term "clout chasing" has become used to describe a lot of celebrities' actions over the last year. According to Urban Dictionary, a clout chaser is a "person that only hangs with certain people or starts beef with people to gain popularity."

DJ Smallz caught up with Kash Doll to get her thoughts on artists that attempt to gain fame by stealing the shine of other stars. The "For Everybody" performer seemed to provide a subtle diss directed at other female rappers.

"I think it's lame. I think a motherf*cker needs something better to do. If a person has clout themselves, they'll understand it. They'll understand they don't like that sh*t," declared Kash. "I work hard for where I'm at. I ain't have no handouts. I haven't did no TV show. I haven't had a major label deal. I haven't had no famous boyfriend that put me on. I wasn't f*cking to get where I am at."

The Detroit native continued, "So you better get it out the mud like I did. Don't come over here trying to fake beef with me, b*tch, cause you trying to get on. Cause that's when you get smacked. Period. I don't like that. I hate clout chasers. I don't respect them hoes or n*ggas."

In 2017, Kash Doll publicly expressed her frustration over former Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member Cardi B being awarded the Spirit of Detroit Award. She was recently involved in a back-and-forth with Asian Doll on Twitter after A.D. threw a shot at her on the social media platform. Kash also had issues with LHHNY and Bad Girls Club alum DreamDoll.