Kash Doll, Royce Da 5'9" & Local Politician Question Cardi B Receiving The Spirit Of Detroit Award

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

People are scratching their heads on why the New Yorker was honored in the Michigan city.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B's amazing week included her appearing on a new song with Migos and Nicki Minaj, getting engaged to Offset, and accepting the Spirit of Detroit Award. That last accomplishment have some people from the Michigan city confused on why the New York native was being honored in their hometown.

Detroit's Kash Doll questioned the move on Twitter. She wrote, “I already got one, it’s just weird nothing against her I just thought u had to put work in the city to get it like other [artists] in Detroit."

Fellow Motor City emcee Royce da 5'9" co-signed Kash Doll's sentiment. In an Instagram video, the Slaughterhouse member said, "Detroit, when y'all gonna cut it out with the goofy sh-t? When are we gonna stop being so politically correct?"

Royce added, "I love Cardi B just like everybody else, but Cardi B don't know sh-t about the spirit of Detroit. She ain't even receive a spirit of New York award yet. What the f-ck is we giving her an award for about the spirit of our city?"

Councilman James Tate addressed the situation as well. According to The Detroit News, Tate stated, "The Cardi B Spirit of Detroit award was not presented by me or my office. The names on a Spirit of Detroit award are already pre-printed and available for any council member who chooses to use them. This is not even close to being the biggest issue we are facing in our city (and I’m not hating on her lol), but we’re trying to find out who provided it.”

For her part, Cardi B offered public thanks for receiving the recognition. She posted on Instagram: "I feel very special and blessed. Thank you CITY OF DETROIT for giving me THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT AWARD. Thank you Hot 107.5 radio station for making it happen."



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In related news: her boy Offset and Quavo got touched up the other night, they tried to jump this big brother and he touched them all up. They were trying to hit the brother from behind while one distracted him from the front he threw them off like lil' fleas. When jumping someone goes wrong. It's on TMZ video is pretty clear. SMH


I feel Royce and Doll how she get an award from a city she has no connection to? Also how come in all most every picture she has her mouth wide open? Like she always prepared to give dome.